One in three private sector workers are part-timers

One in three private sector workers are part-timers

While unemployment keeps going down according to official figures, part-time work soars, meaning that 30.6 percent of workers in the private sector are in part-time and underpaid employment.

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) announced on Thursday that the jobless rate dropped to 20.5 percent in September, from the upwardly revised 20.7 percent in August, but it is the figures by the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) concerning flexible forms of employment that offer a complete picture of the labor market nowadays.

EFKA has processed the employment declarations that employers submit toward their own and their workers’ social security, known as “APD” in Greek.

These data, also released on Thursday, show that over three out of 10 private sector workers are employed part-time and they only receive a gross monthly salary of 407.15 euros on average.

That concerns the 582,041 part-timers from a total of 1.84 salary workers employed in the private sector.

The average monthly salary for the 260,729 men among them is 399.70 euros gross, while for the 321,312 women it is slightly higher, at 413.19 euros gross, according to the latest figures concerning March 2017.