More than half of new jobs are part time, database figures show


Flexible forms of labor are gaining increasing dominance in the Greek job market, an analysis of the Labor Ministry’s Ergani database for the first 11 months of the year has shown.

According to data published on Tuesday, 39,221 jobs were lost in November, though 128,230 new ones were created in January to October, making this the best year in job generation since 2001.

However, 54.7 percent of new hirings in the period from January to November were for part-time jobs or shift work, while full-time positions represented 45.3 percent of all new hirings.

In November in particular, almost six in 10 new jobs were for part-time employment (58.1 percent). Also last month, hirings came to 169,819 and departures to 209,040. Of those departures, 64,693 were reported as being voluntary.

In January-November, hirings came to 2,228,334 and departures to 2,100,104, of which 915,459 were voluntary.