Grand lottery of receipts on Sunday

Grand lottery of receipts on Sunday

The grand Christmas lottery for online transaction receipts will be drawn on Sunday, with the Finance Ministry set to distribute 10 million euros between 10,000 lucky taxpayers, who will receive 1,000 euros each.

From Saturday, taxpayers should be able to view the lottery numbers corresponding to their transactions receipts from the first nine months of the year and from November.

As soon as the draws take place, the list of the winning numbers will be uploaded on the website of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (, as was the case last month for October receipts.

Also on Saturday, the Finance Ministry should issue a decision regarding the heating oil subsidy. The sum set aside to be distributed to rightful recipients will not be reduced by 50 percent from last year after all, but only by about 40 percent. This means that instead of the original plan to hand out 55 million euros, some 65-70 million will be distributed to about 550,000 recipients who fulfill the income criteria.

The criteria are an annual income ceiling of 12,000 euros for singles, with property assets in their name that do not exceed 100,000 euros, and a ceiling of 20,000 euros per annum for married taxpayers with properties up to 200,000 euros, plus 2,000 euros of income per child.