Job creation high on SEV’s priorities list


The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) will prioritize the creation of jobs over increasing the minimum wage in negotiations set to start with the other social partners – employer associations and employee unions – ahead of talks concerning the drafting of a new national collective labor contract.

Among the issues raised by SEV in a letter to the social partners are establishing an understanding that the minimum wage is not something that varies according to company or sector, the setup of a national professional fund aimed at supporting categories of workers who are likely to have a greater need for a supplement to their pension when they retire, and the introduction of a new system of arbitration.

SEV says: “We are witnessing the first small signs of stabilization of the gross domestic product, so priority should be given to the creation of jobs to reduce widespread unemployment. Taking the nominal minimum salary back to 2010-12 levels is not a sustainable option.”