Medical tourism makes Halandri Airbnb hotspot


The concentration of hospitals in Halandri and the growing trends of medical tourism and short-term property rentals advertised on the Internet have combined to increase demand for accommodation in the northern Athens suburb on home-sharing platforms.

“Athens has expanded considerably in terms of demand,” says Nasos Gavalas, head of Eazybnb, a company specializing in the professional management of third parties’ properties rented out via Airbnb: “We have noted significant demand also for areas such as Halandri, mainly thanks to medical tourism, as well as coastal Attica.”

He goes on to stress another significant trend in the home-sharing market: the intention of increasing numbers of visitors to spend more money on accommodation during their stay in Greece as long as the quality standards of the properties leased and the hospitality services match their expectations.

Some 6,500 flats and houses in Attica are now estimated to be advertised for short-term letting on online home-sharing platforms, which is about 27 percent more than the amount recorded just six months ago, when estimates put their number at 5,127 properties.

This constitutes a clear confirmation of the sector’s ongoing growth in the face of uncertainty arising from the recent decision of the Finance Ministry to tax revenues from this activity.