Greece sells short-term debt as it looks to post-bailout era


Greece has raised 812.5 million euros ($1 billion) in a 12-month treasury bill auction, the country's latest step toward regaining market access.

The Public Debt Management Agency said the T-bills were auctioned on Wednesday at a yield of 1.25 percent with the target sum of 625 million euros three times oversubscribed.

Greece has relied on international bailout loans since 2010 through successive programs that end in August. The government has promised a full return to bond markets.

Since 2010, the country has twice tapped bond markets and maintained regular three- and six-month T-bill auctions.

The government has promised to provide creditors a detailed plan next month of post-program reforms as part of an agreement to improve repayment terms. But creditors still disagree over the terms of Greek debt relief.