Planned 80 pct discount on illicit labor fines


The Labor Ministry is planning to bring to Parliament an extensive bill with labor and social security regulations, including new fines for illegal employment, as well as changes to retirement for farmers. The bill is expected to be tabled right after Greek Orthodox Easter.

The bill’s clauses on undeclared labor have been the focus of months of discussions between minister Effie Achtsioglou and the country’s creditors, and are based on fines that will depend on the degree of compliance by the employer. According to sources the bill will include discounts to fines for illicit labor reaching up to 80 percent, which will apply in cases where an illegally employed worker is formally declared and a one-year contract is signed, according to one of the scenarios examined.

Today the fine imposed on employers for each undeclared worker amounts to 10,549.44 euros, although if the employee is under 25 years old the fine amounts to 9,197.10 euros.

The bill is also said to include a clause that will determine the month of a farmer’s 67th birthday as the date of his retirement, while now that date is the July of the year when a farmer turns 67.