Workers report administrative chaos at main pension fund


Just two years and two months after EFKA was created, workers at the Single Social Security Entity are complaining of problems in staffing, in the procurement of supplies and in workplace health standards, as well as a failure to coordinate the information technology systems being used.

According to employees’ complaints, there are shortages in supplies that hamper their day-to-day operation, plus problems in the repair and maintenance of hardware and of air-conditioning and heating systems, leading to what they say is chaos at EFKA.

There also are problems in manning the fund’s various officers, as the number of people working for EFKA and its preceding funds in Attica has dropped by one third since 2011, due to retirements or transfers. Workers reveal that the fund’s management has also adopted the practice of appointing department chiefs who come from other organizations and are not familiar with the social security legislative framework.

However, what is probably the biggest problem is the failure to fully merge and harmonize the IT systems of the old funds that have been incorporated into EFKA, resulting in all kinds of problems for employees and retirees with regards to their registrations and their pensions.