Majority of exporters remain optimistic


The expectations of Greek exporters in the first half of 2018 remained positive for the near future, as they were in the previous half, but they also reflected their concern regarding domestic and international financial developments.

In the study drafted by the Greek International Business Association (SEVE), Greek exporters expressed optimism in terms of domestic and international conditions, taking the Trade Confidence Index up to 126.25 points, against 125.75 points in the second half of 2017. Regarding local financial conditions, 57 percent said they expect no change and 27 percent foresaw an improvement. Sixteen percent of exporters predicted a deterioration in domestic conditions, a view based mainly on fears that the economy would slip into recession.

Views expressed concerning international conditions were quite different, with 35 percent expecting things to deteriorate and 45 percent anticipating no change. Just 20 percent foresaw an improvement in international economic conditions.

Optimism regarding domestic sales continued in the first half of 2018, with 57 percent saying they expected an increase in the near future and 30 percent predicting stability in sales. The positive estimates regarding exports remained on a par with those expressed during the second half of 2017, with 64 percent maintaining a favorable outlook.