Heating oil seen 16-17 percent dearer than last year


Heating oil, which will go on sale on October 15, will be more expensive this winter season compared to last, sellers have said.

In an announcement on Monday, the association of gas suppliers in the northern port city of Thessaloniki warned consumers to brace for a sizable increase that is seen in the area of 15 to 16 percent, barring unexpected international developments.

The price per liter is seen starting at 1.11 euros at least in cities and 1.25 euros in remote parts of the country and on the islands.

In view of this anticipated hike, suppliers are urging the government to consider easing the special tax levied against heating oil so as to reduce the end-cost shouldered by cash-strapped consumers.

Tens of thousands of Greek households have foregone central heating since the start of the crisis, unable to afford the price of heating oil.