Greeks flock to order latest iPhone handsets


A record 10,000 iPhone XSes and iPhone XS Maxes were sold within just three days in Greece – from last Friday to Monday evening.

On Friday, when orders started, Greeks spent some 6 million euros in total to gain a place on the privileged list of those who will among the first to receive US giant Apple’s new cell phone when it comes to Greece.

Sources say that 65 percent of new orders concern the latest technological achievement of Apple, the iPhone XS Max, whose price in the Greek market currently stands at between 1,300 and 1,600 euros, depending on its capacity.

Up to Monday evening, Greeks are believed to have spent some 15 million euros on the state-of-the-art new iPhones, with the first containerload due to arrive in this country on Friday.

Ordering an iPhone handset in Greece requires upfront payment, which in 99 percent of cases is conducted via credit card, as this makes the consumer feel safer in case something goes wrong with their order. Consumers who have prepaid for an iPhone but do not get it on time due to the high number of orders will either be able to get their money back or can wait until the next containerload arrives.