Endeavor selection forum taking place in Athens


Representatives of 24 enterprises from around the world – including Greece – arrived in Athens on Monday to participate in the 83rd International Selection Panel of the Endeavor network, which ends on Wednesday.

The young businesspeople who are selected to become members of the global network will gain access to markets, investment and credit.

They will also receive strategic advice on issues of financial administration, human resource management, branding and communication.

The enterprises participating in the first such forum in Greece since 2013 are active in sectors ranging from electronic commerce to food service.

The network’s existing Greek members are Hellas Direct, Papadimitriou, HotelBrain, Insurance Market, Ergon, Brainbox, ThinkDigital Group, Green Cola, Travelplanet24/Tripsta, Blueground, Frezyderm, Avocarrot, Sychem, Workable, CHB, Forky, KONBA, Yodiwo, Raymetrics, Centaur Analytics, Metamaterial Technologies Inc and Dust + Cream.