Athens last in list of job destinations


Athens ranks last out of 100 cities in a list drafted by German company Movinga concerning the best destinations for finding a job. Using data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Movinga gave Greece a grade of just 3.79 points out of 10.

Each city’s final grade is based on three main criteria: the economic health of businesses, living standards, and opportunities for young people, women and foreigners.

In the case of the Greek capital, the analysis is actually even more depressing than the city’s low grade: Athens got less than 1 point (0.94) in terms of employment opportunities for young people, and 3.76 regarding new startups. Figures from the Hellenic Statistical Authority show Athens was the Greek region with the highest rate of unemployment (19.7 percent) after Epirus in August.

In terms of jobs for foreigners, Athens got a mark of just 1.93 points, the same as its score for businesses’ economic health. Living standards would have scored higher than 4.56 points were it not for the extremely low mark for Greek government efficiency – just 0.34 points. As regards opportunities for women, Athens received a respectable grade of 5.90 points, but in terms of women’s chances of rising to senior positions, it got just 3.25 points.