PPC hoping to convince investors


Public Power Corporation chief Manolis Panagiotakis is opening his door to candidate investors in the lignite-powered electricity plants at Meliti and Megalopoli on Friday. This follows his invitation for the assessment of the new conditions created after the implementation of the voluntary redundancy programs for the units’ staff and its impact on their finances.

PPC sources say that the departures from the two Megalopoli units – thanks to the incentives offered and the transfers implemented – have come to 400, which means the plants are now turning a profit. They add that the new data from the two redundancy programs and the impact of staff departures have been uploaded into the virtual data room so candidate investors can decide on their offers.

Still, regarding the units’ profit prospects, the investors continue to see things differently than Panagiotakis, and Kathimerini understands that some have already stated that they will not be present on Friday. Even those who will participate in discussions with Panagiotakis on Friday will do so out of courtesy rather than because they are looking forward to something substantial, as the widely shared view is that there has hardly been any change in conditions.