Gradual release of debtors’ seized accounts


By the end of March tax authorities intend to have released hundreds of thousands of bank accounts belonging to state debtors, provided that the latter have entered a payment scheme. Over the same period the tax administration will also have to pay off all outstanding tax rebates delayed by more than 90 days.

These are the main priorities set out by the head of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, Giorgos Pitsilis, at a meeting with the heads of tax and customs offices on Thursday.

Tax debtors will increasingly be able to regain control of bank accounts that have been seized, but the amount of money they will be able to actually get their hands on will be capped at three to four times the monthly installment due to the tax authorities.

On the subject of tax rebates, Pitsilis said that those due for more than three months have been brought down to just over 200 million euros, while the target is to reduce that figure to zero by the end of next month.

The IAPR chief further said that, as of this April, property transaction declarations will not be conducted on paper anymore but only online, with the tax administration updating its database using information from other state agencies.