Air passengers increased by 9.7 pct y-o-y in January


Civil Aviation Authority figures showed a 9.7 percent increase in passenger traffic at Greek airports in January compared to the same month last year.

The total number of passengers that used all of the country’s airports came to 2,162,670 last month, against 1,981,908 in January 2018, which points to an increase of 190,762 passengers.

The airports that saw the highest traffic were Athens (1,384,208 passengers), Thessaloniki (387,984), Iraklio (98,291), Rhodes (50,991) and Hania (50.901). Myconos was the airport with the highest annual growth, up 119.3 percent to 6,501 passengers, followed by Cephalonia, which with 2,168 passengers was up 68.2 percent on last year.

This comes after a record year for Greek airports, which served 63.7 million passengers in total, posting an annual increase of 5.84 million passengers or 10.1 percent.