Qatar woos construction corporations


As part of Qatar’s efforts to forge closer ties with countries beyond the Persian Gulf, the Greece-Qatar Business Council is preparing a business mission and a workshop exclusively for Greek medium-sized construction companies and building materials enterprises in Doha on April 3.

The initiative is supported by the Ashghal Public Works Authority of Qatar and the Foreign Ministry in Doha, and the emirate intends to offer contracts for construction projects and other cooperation schemes adding up to 10 billion euros.

The workshop is organized by Ashghal, which is authorized to program, plan, announce, concede, construct, deliver and administrate all infrastructure and public works projects in Qatar. Participants can also visit the fourth edition of the Government Procurement and Contracting Conference and Exhibition (Moushtarayat 2019).

Panayiotis Michalos, who heads the business council, stated that “Qatar is opening up to foreign companies, and not just the major ones. Its officials view the hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup as an opportunity for new cooperation deals with medium-sized construction corporations and for importing building materials and know-how to develop domestic production.”