Tax statement platform open until June 30


The online platform for the submission of tax declarations concerning 2018 incomes opened on Thursday and will be accepting taxpayers’ statements until June 30.

The main change in this year’s submission process concerns the tax clearance documents the platform will issue: Whether couples submit joint declarations or not, they will receive separate tax clearance documents based on each partner’s declared incomes.

After that, if there are no pending obligations to the tax authorities, such as payment of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA), and a tax rebate is due, the payable amount will be credited relatively quickly to the taxpayer’s bank account, otherwise it will be offset by other obligations.

The first tranche of any tax due will have to be paid by July 31, the second has a September 28 deadline and the third will be due by November 30.

Notably, for property owners to avoid paying income tax for rents they have not collected in 2018, they will need to have filed a suit against the tenants and present the relevant documents to the tax office.