Government handouts will be evaluated based on agreed targets, mission chiefs say


The representatives of Greece’s creditors discussed the country’s fiscal situation and outlook with the Greek government following the release of 2018 outturns, they said on Wednesday after wrapping up three days of meetings in Athens as part of the third post-program surveillance.

In a staff statement, the team said it had taken note of the new tax cuts and handouts announced by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday evening, and will assess whether they comply “with agreed fiscal targets and…Greece’s post-program commitments to the Eurogroup.”

The mission said it also took stock “on the state of play regarding the general commitment to continue and complete the key reforms launched under the program, and in particular on progress with implementation of the 15 specific reform commitments for mid-2019 annexed to the Eurogroup statement of June 2018."

The findings of the mission will be presented in the upcoming enhanced surveillance report.