June 11 forum to focus on foreign investment


Next Tuesday, the 2nd InvestGR Forum 2019 in Athens will turn the spotlight on a key issue for the Greek economy: foreign direct investment.

While there is consensus across the political spectrum that Greece needs to attract more FDI, the questions the InvestGR Forum will address are how to do this and what the remaining barriers facing foreign companies seeking to invest in Greece are.

The InvestGR Forum aims to find answers to these questions by conducting research and fostering constructive dialogue between important institutional representatives, chief executive officers of major multinational companies, academics and experts.

The ultimate goal is to improve the investment framework and to make Greece an attractive destination for foreign direct investment.

On June 11, the survey of 35 CEOs heading foreign multinationals in Greece on the challenges of the Greek investment framework will be presented at the InvestGR Forum 2019, and major political figures, CEOs, academics and experts will offer their views and expertise on how to improve Greece’s attractiveness as an investment destination.