Shipping Report

TANKERS The US holiday has contributed to a very slow start to the week. – N. Sea market looks soft, with the 80,000 tons of cargoes been fixed at W/S 140 while the Baltic should be around W/S 145 but has not been tested. – Murphy has fixed M/T «Stella Voyager» loading July 13 UK discharging Germany at W/S 140. – The Med. market is quieter, with the 80,000 tons of cargoes been fixed at W/S 200-210. – Petroval has fixed M/T «Desh Gaurav» loading July 15 discharging Med. at W/S 205, while Rinex for same cargo loading July 18 with same destination has fixed M/T «Eagle Augusta» at W/S 190. – Caribs is steady, with the 70,000 tons cargo liftings been fixed at W/S 190-195. – Valero has fixed M/T «Mare Adriacum» loading July 8 discharging USAC at W/S 190, while Atmi has fixed M/T «Genmar Progress» loading 12 July discharging US Gulf – UKC/Med. at W/S 192.5 – W/S 175 respectively. – Suezmax steady in the Med. at W/S 160 for Novorossisk and W/S 170 for normal cross Med. voyages – In W. Africa, Shell for 130,000 tons of cargo loading July 25 discharging US Gulf has fixed M/T «Frt. Mindanao» at W/S 162.5. – On VLCCs, Alpine for 260,000 tons of cargo loading July 26 discharging US Gulf has fixed M/T «Astro Centaurus» at W/S 125. DRY CARGO The Capers market remains interesting, with their index on Monday having moved 91 upward to a total of 4,572. – Rates so far remain steady, with Pan Ocean having fixed M/V «Sumihou» 171,071 dwt, built 1996, delivery July 5-7 France trip via Brazil redelivery China at USD 60,000 daily. – In Far East, NCL has fixed M/V «Cyclades» 171,480 dwt, built 2004, delivery Philippines July 10-14 trip via Australia redelivery China at USD 50,000 daily. – On Panamaxes, the action so far has been in the East, with several vessels having been fixed. – Short period rates have moved upward, while the rates for round voyages appear firmer. – M/V «Full Beauty» 70,198 dwt, built 1994, delivery China 20-25 July for 3-5 months trading was fixed at USD 26,000 daily, while Norden delivery China 5-10 July for same period has fixed M/V «Anita» 72,495 dwt, built 1999, at USD 27,500 daily. – On smaller sizes, Mur has fixed M/V «Ariston» 37,052 dwt, built 1984, delivery S. Africa beg. July redelivery Far East at USD 20,000 daily.