Blueprint for easing in new investments


The difficult equation of licensing investments without bureaucracy lies ahead for the new government, as any attempt to simplify the procedure in the last few years has ran into snarls of public administration and overlapping of jurisdictions, or judicial obstacles.

This is despite the fact that Greece relies more than ever on new investments – foreign or not, strategic or smaller, private and public – so that its exit from the crisis is not short-lived and growth is not anemic and unsustainable.

The measures that New Democracy has set as its priorities for attracting investments include doubling the time period for offsetting losses and the possibility of over-depreciations for new investments by 200 percent, which has been a long-standing demand from the business world.

ND also intends to simplify the process for licensing investments, introduce specific deadlines for competent authorities for the implementation of new investments, have legal objections to investments heard at special sections of courts, introduce the electronic signature for corporations and citizens, and fully utilize the Public Investments Program, which has been underused since 2016 for the sake of primary surpluses.