Small traditional hotel chain for selective clients

Yades Heritage & Hospitality is a new network of small hotels housed in historical buildings and offering high-quality services. Currently, the group includes about 10 such establishments which promote Greek heritage and traditional hospitality. Serious incentives for the development of the countryside have been introduced in Greece as in the rest of Europe in the last few years, leading to the renovation of many traditional buildings and the sprouting of small and yet high-quality of service hotel facilities. Some of the best of those establishments have now joined such groups as Yades Heritage & Hospitality, which belongs to a European network set up 10 years ago. Consisting of 13 groups in 11 European countries, the network includes more than 1,000 hotel facilities housed in historic buildings, castles, monasteries, mansions and luxurious villas. Yades Heritage & Hospitality is the only such Greek network in the European scheme. The European network usually serves loyal customers who opt to stay in member group hotels in the countries they visit. With its membership of the European network, Yades hopes to gain in promotion and business, and cater for tourists in the upper-income bracket who demand good taste along with simplicity and luxury while on vacation. In order for the member hotels of Yades to fulfill such standards, they are chosen in accordance with a number of strict criteria prevailing in the international market. The Yades group aims at promoting in the international market the uniqueness of each of its member hotels, which also benefit from sharing in first-class know-how in the industry.