AmCham welcomes shipyard deal, clawback decision


The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce on Monday welcomed the signing of the provisional cooperation agreement between Onex Neorion Shipyards and Israel Shipyards Ltd, along with the joint ministerial decision on the offsetting of pharmaceutical companies' clawbacks/rebates with the investments they implement in production, research and clinical studies.

The Chamber said these developments “are very important” as they point out the right direction for the attraction of important investments that will contribute toward the strengthening of the country’s growth momentum and the utilization of its human resources.

On the joint development of major shipbuilding projects, AmCham said the fact the construction aspect will be entirely implemented at Greek-American company Onex’s shipyards in Greece “illustrates how significant such strategic partnerships are.”

The offsetting of clawbacks, AmCham commented, “will constitute an incentive for new investments.” It added that this development was achieved in large part thanks to the Chamber’s Pharmaceutical Committee, with its constant calls, proposals and other actions that stressed the potential for increasing investment in research in Greece, beating the brain drain and benefiting economic growth and the healthcare system.