Platform for tax declarations opens end-March, closes June 30


The online platform for the submission of tax declarations, concerning the incomes of 2019, is expected to open at the end of this month. Taxpayers and corporations will be able to fill in and submit their statements up until the deadline of June 30, with the first installment due a month later.

For taxpayers who will be asked to pay more for their 2019 incomes (on top of what has already been deducted), the first tranche will be due by July 31, the second by September 30 and the third by November 30.

It is reminded that the higher ceiling for attaining the tax-free threshold through online payments (via credit and debit cards and internet payments) applies from the 2020 financial year, so the declarations submitted this spring will have the previous thresholds of 10 percent for all incomes up to 10,000 euros, 15 percent for incomes from 10,001 to 30,000 euros, and 20 percent for incomes of over 30,000 euros.

As of last year, couples receive separate tax clearance documents, concerning only their own incomes and not their spouse’s, regardless of whether they have submitted a joint or separate tax declaration.