Low takeup for fiber optic connections program


Greeks are showing little interest in the fiber optic internet connections being offered under the SuperFast BroadBand (SFBB) program.

Although the program started two years ago, so far it has managed to woo just 5,100 users. Worse, with only 27 days left until it expires, there are still 134,000 connections still up for grabs under the subsidized program. Unless the European Commission accepts the Greek demand for an extension to the SFBB program, resources amounting to more than 48 million euros will have to be redirected to other actions of the Brussels-subsidized program of funding.

So far less than 1.8 million out of the 50 million euros of the SFBB program has been absorbed. The planning of the previous administration of the Digital Policy Ministry has failed as it tried to sell something that did not exist at the time, fiber optic connections to the home (FTTH).