Jobs grow in February, Labor Ministry database shows


Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis spoke on Thursday of encouraging signs in the labor market as he announced the February data from the ministry’s Ergani hirings database.

The figures showed a surplus of 24,867 jobs last month as hirings outnumbered departures. This has shifted the balance of the year’s first two months into positive territory, by 7,549 jobs, that is up by at least 2,000 jobs compared to the same period last year.

Nevertheless, the February’s surplus lagged that of the same months last year by almost 3,000 jobs. Also, most of the new jobs (55 percent) concerned part-time or shift work, while 4,254 full-time employment contracts were transformed into flexible employment ones, often by the employer alone.

Food service, accommodation, retail and wholesale commerce and education had the highest surplus.