Shipping high-tech to be showcased at Posidonia


Tech start-ups and entrepreneurs are promising to impress Posidonia 2020 visitors and delegates this summer with their latest, high-tech, digitally enabled and data-driven solutions to age-old legacy problems, as well as with a fresher perspective for a more sustainable and efficient future for the shipping industry.

They will showcase transformational technologies with the potential to impact every facet of the marine industry, including safety on board, engine and hull monitoring, multi-channel ship-to-shore communication, health services on board, business intelligence and analytics, fintech and susceptible cargo monitoring.

“Tracking of cargo at sea, crewless shipping, the digitalization of maintenance processes and ships controlled remotely from land are just some in a long list of many radical transformational trends, which the maritime industry will be asked to embrace in the not too distant future as the advent of digital technologies continues unabated,” said Theodore Vokos, managing director of Posidonia Exhibitions SA, the event’s organizers.

Such technologies will be displayed in abundance and strategically deployed and showcased at the Digital Innovation Village, the new tech and emerging maritime start-ups pavilion at this year’s Posidonia, on June 1-5, at the Metropolitan Expo center, near Athens airport.