SHIPPINGInsight New Tech Pavilion at Posidonia


Among the tech startup zones set to feature at this summer’s Posidonia shipping exhibition is the SHIPPINGInsight New Tech Pavilion, which will present a range of new technology-driven solutions from the US for the marine industry, with the goal of offering a one-stop shop approach. 

They include Purify Fuel’s fuel nanotechnology, Ultraclean’s desulfurization products, SPBES’ lithium-ion energy storage systems, and SHIPNEXT’S Digital Shipping Marketplace and Transportation Platform.

They will also host existing technology with new tech twists, such as Marine Armored Defense’s flexible and green coating technology and the Tig Rig wind assist system.

“Because I believe in new tech, and because I know how tough it is to break into the shipping world, I have created the SHIPPINGInsight New Tech Pavilion at Posidonia which is featuring six innovative technologies,” stated SHIPPINGInsight Chief Evolution Officer Carleen Lyden Walker.

“Further, on Thursday, June 4 at 2.30 p.m., we will be holding a ‘Shark Tank’ involving shipowner/investor ‘Sharks,’ who will invest in new tech ‘chum’ after hearing their pitches. Those who are exhibiting in the SHIPPINGInsight New Tech Pavilion will automatically qualify to be in the ‘Shark Tank,’ which will be co-hosted by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.”

Posidonia 2020 will take place at the Metropolitan Expo Center, next to Athens International Airport, on June 1-5.