Four more companies to offer rail services


Data from Greece’s railway regulator, RAS, show that besides the three companies already providing railway services, there are four others preparing to enter the market.

Trainose provides passenger as well as cargo services, STASY only provides passenger services (through the Proastiakos suburban railway), and RailCargo Logistics Goldair delivers cargo by rail. The fourth company set to become active on the Greek railway network will be Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics (PEARL), which belongs to China’s Cosco.

According to RAS President Ioanna Tsiaparikou, who submitted the data to Parliament on Tuesday, PEARL has received all the necessary certification and all that is left to complete before it can launch operations is employee training. The company will focus on cargo rail transport.

There also are three more companies that have submitted licensing applications: They are Greece’s Makios Logistics and two Romanian companies – Grup Feroviar Roman, and TEF Logistica Feroviara. All of them will also offer cargo services.