Schools turn to conference calls


Corporations in Greece are increasingly adopting solutions that allow for teleworking, video conferences and digital signatures while strengthening their cloud computing capacity, information technology sector professionals tell Kathimerini.

These companies include a number of private schools which have been looking into the option of remote education systems for some time – even before the two-week closure of all education institutions was announced by the government – Menelaos Makrigiannis, founder and chief executive officer at Bewise, tells Kathimerini.

A school unit can be set up with conference call systems within just a few hours, including a brief training seminar for teaching staff, while the success of online tutorials depends on pupils’ self-discipline.

Crucially, most basic teleworking systems are free: For example, the license to use the Cisco Webex conference call system is free for a period of 90 days for up to 100 participants. However, the more sophisticated systems, with more complex offerings and a better picture quality, carry a monthly or annual fee per user – or in the case of private schools, per teacher.