Subsidies program must go on


The Investment Committee of the “Save At Home II” fund (Exikonomisi Kat’ Oikon II) convened this week to ensure that the home improvement projects included in the first and second cycles of the state subsidies program would continue to be implemented, giving economic activity something of a small boost in what is a very difficult period.

In this context, the committee approved the inclusion of 8,731 applications in the second cycle of the program, setting the projects concerned on course for implementation. It concerns all of the applications not associated with loans, as well as most of those based on state loans. The total eligible budget for the applied projects exceeds 146 million euros and state spending (subsidies and loans) adds up to 102 million euros.

To date, the total number of applications for the second cycle of the program has reached more than 15,300, while 285 projects with a total budget of 3.5 million euros have already been completed.

The Energy Ministry has scheduled the next cycle of the subsidies program for the fall, but the coronavirus crisis could postpone that date.