Main and auxiliary pensions to be paid together


Starting next month, Greek pensioner will be receiving their main and auxiliary pensions at the same time, Labor and Social Security Minister Yiannis Vroutsis told Skai TV on Saturday, adding that more changes to improve the pensions and the social security system are in the pipeline.

Besides the simultaneous payment of pensions as of August, Vroutsis said that pensioners with at least 30 years of service will also see an increase to their main pension from September. He added that the retroactive payments toward main pensions will be made in October.

The minister confirmed that temporary pensions – issued until the main pension is confirmed – will rise up to 80 percent of the full one, plus retroactive dues. Already from next month, temporary pensions will climb to 70% of the final ones, while retirees will also get a first installment of their retirement lump sum along with their final pension. Crucially, obstacles to the issuance of the temporary pension for retirees who continue to work will be lifted.

Vroutsis further presented the full timetable of payment of the monthly allowance of 534 euros to workers with suspended labor contracts, which will continue through October.