Southern Aegean islands welcomed more than 240,000 visitors by air in July


The airports serving the islands of the southern Aegean welcomed 243,530 travelers from the restart of the tourist season on July 1 to the end of the month, data released on Tuesday have shown.

The data published by regional airport operator Fraport and released by the state-run Athens-Macedonian News Agency concerned arrivals at the airports of Rhodes, Kos, Santorini, Mykonos and Karpathos, and did not include visitors arriving by ferry.

The figures showed that Rhodes welcomed 793 international flights with 112,912 passengers in July, making it the busiest airport of the month.

It was followed by Kos with 466 international flights with 63,034 passengers, Santorini with 32,258 arrivals on 259 flights from foreign destinations and Mykonos with 270 foreign flights carrying 33,046 travelers. Karpathos came in last place with 29 international flights and 2,280 passengers.

The trend was strongest in the last few days of the month, with July 20-31 accounting for: 56,571 arrivals on Rhodes, 30,837 on Kos, 16,299 on Santorini, 17,170 on Mykonos and 1,274 on Karpathos.