Report by Pissarides committee envisions bold, across-the-board reforms


The vision of a new Greece as encapsulated in the 244-page action plan drafted by the committee of experts led by Nobel Laureate Sir Christopher Pissarides foresees across-the-board reforms to all sectors so as to ensure the development of the economy in a way that will lead to an increase in per capita income, strengthen social cohesion and improve the country's environmental performance.

The report made public Tuesday specifies that this radical overhaul will not only rely on interventions in the tax or insurance systems, but also on reforms in education, health, justice, public administration and town planning.

The report targets an average annual growth rate of 3.5% by 2030 to bring per capita GDP to 81% of the EU average, from 67% today. It also foresees that unemployment will fall by that time to 7% from 17% today.