Payout starts for Gefyra applicants


The Finance Ministry will on Monday begin payments of the subsidy for the loan tranche to borrowers who have applied for the Gefyra support program concerning the protection of their main residence.

The ministry has already processed some 100,000 applications out of a total of 160,000 submitted on the platform set up for this purpose. Data shared with Kathimerini show that out of those 100,000 applications, 93,000 fulfill the eligibility criteria, while the other 7,000 were rejected.

The value of the loans the 93,000 applications concern comes to 7.5 billion euros, Kathimerini understands, raising estimates on the sum of loans whose repayment will be subsidized by the state to almost €12 billion.

The inspection process will continue for the remaining 60,000 applications, so that the payouts are made en masse, without delays. According to the same data, up to 12,000 applicants have not accepted that the banking secrecy of their spouse and any other dependent household members be lifted, so unless they do so in the next few days the system will reject their applications.