Handout for heating in next few days


Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Saturday that the ministerial decision on the heating subsidy will be signed in the next few days, adding that the deadline for road tax payments may be extended.

Speaking on Antenna television, Staikouras reminded that the ministerial decision will not only concern heating oil but also natural gas, pellets and firewood.

He also said the ministry is considering an extension to the December 31 deadline for the payment of road taxes, with the decision set to be announced over the coming days. He added that there is also a proposal for road tax payments to be based on the months that a vehicle is used.

The minister pledged that the state will continue to support workers and enterprises hit by the pandemic with more measures in the coming months, while considering the needs for social justice and the fair distribution of the existing funds. This is given that the state can continue to meet all of its obligations (such as pensions), after having undertaken support measures of a great cost in a period with reduced revenues.

The fifth phase of the “Deposit To Be Returned,” meanwhile, will take place in the first half of January, Staikouras added.