Electronic ID of buildings comes into force


The measure of assigning buildings with an electronic identity (e-ID) has finally gone into effect, starting on Friday, even though it was voted into law in 2010. The aim of the measure is to combat illegal construction and protect ownership.

The Building e-ID platform (“Taftotita Ktiriou”) will operate on a voluntary basis this month, in parallel with the existing procedure. After January 31, the registration of the Building e-ID and the Identity of Self-sufficient Divided Property will be compulsory and conducted online, exclusively and free of charge.

The aim of the e-ID is to keep a record of the current condition of a building or divided property and their licenses, as well as to monitor and help inspections of any changes on them throughout their existence.

The new system ensures the disengagement of the property from the engineer who makes the registration, relieving owners from a multitude of procedures holding them ransom.