Newly appointed minister announces initiatives for tackling energy poverty


Speaking at the 4th Conference of Electromobility of the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics, which took place online on Wednesday, Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas announced a series of initiatives to tackle energy poverty.

He said that 70 billion euros will flow into the country in the coming years, adding that one of the government’s top priorities is to help Greeks who are unable to meet energy costs.

Skrekas added that the equation that must be solved is difficult, as it must combine a reduction of the environmental impact with competitive energy rates.

He also underlined that tremendous changes in terms of energy consumption have already taken place, as lignite covered 45% of power production just 10 years ago, a figure that has now dropped below 20%.

“The energy sector, apart from the major investments and the new jobs created, is the means for developing the other sectors of the economy,” he concluded.