Return to normality will be gradual, says FinMin


“The Greek government is working with a plan, method and flexibility to lead the country out of the health crisis and to enter an orbit of high, sustainable, smart growth without any exclusions, laying the foundations for a future of prosperity, opportunities and possibilities for the next generations,” Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said in Parliament on Friday.

Addressing a discussion on government plans to exploit EU recovery funds, Staikouras noted that no country had been prepared to face the turbulence caused by the pandemic. “The government has supported the business community to minimize the impact of the crisis,” Staikouras said.

He noted that these measures are focused on boosting liquidity and protecting employment, adding that the government will not stop its efforts to support enterprises with a sense of responsibility.

“We have no illusions. The next few months will be difficult. A return to normality will be gradual and as a country we have to exploit all of our comparative advantages, historic, geographical, geopolitical and environmental.”