Debts to the state rose 847 million euros in Nov


Taxpayers’ arrears to the state rose 0.82% to 107.5 billion euros in November, compared with October, although the number of debtors fell to 4,278,506 in November from 4,366,874 in October, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue said in a report on Friday.

In the 11-month period from January to November, new arrears to the state dropped to €5.786 billion, from €6.953 billion in the same period in 2019 (a decline of 16.78%), while new arrears reached €847 million in November, from €737 million in the same month the previous year (an increase of 15%).

New tax debts fell to €5.02 billion in the 11-month period, from €6.467 billion in 2019 (a decline of 22.37%). In November, new tax arrears rose to €751 million from €646 million in 2019.