Tourism may open up in two months

Tourism may open up in two months

The government is examining plans to open up to incoming tourism this spring, provided that the infection rate in Greece will become stable and stricter measures can be avoided.

The criteria for those plans to be put into effect are the course of the pandemic in Greece and the progress of Israel’s efforts to inoculate its entire population through the mass vaccination.

For the time being, Israel is the pilot not only for the plans of the Greek and other governments, but also for pharmaceutical multinationals that have been granted access to the details of the population’s infection rates in exchange for more vaccines to Israel.

If the picture in Israel is encouraging and Greece manages to overcome its current infection wave, the government is disposed to open its borders under certain conditions starting on April 1, according to sources who participated in a recent meeting.

“If not from April 1, then in the following weeks and definitely before Greek Orthodox Easter on May 2,” the same sources note.

Greece anticipates travel takings of 11 billion euros this year, up from just €4.5 billion in 2020.