A customer-happiness guru comes to Athens

Britain’s «No. 1 Customer Service Specialist,» as he has been dubbed, Chris Daffy, will be the keynote speaker at the Customer Management Workshop of the British-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce at the Vorres Museum, Paiania, on Wednesday, November 24. With 35 years of experience in the areas of retail sales and marketing and an acclaimed best-selling author, Daffy is a much sought-after speaker at international conferences. He is the founder of Britain’s Marketing Group and of the Academy of Service Excellence, which provides specialized training, and managing director of Feedback Factory, which collects and distributes client data. He is a long-term collaborator of the Manchester Business School, where he presents programs for senior staff, and he recently presided at the World Conference on Customer Service Management. His best seller «Once a Customer Always a Customer» has been reprinted three times in four years. In the four thematic units of the workshop, Daffy, the creator of the well-known slogan «WoW your Customers» is expected to expand on his favorite position of why modern firms need to change direction and refocus on the «Customer Experience» and the related required techniques. «Loyalty zones» is one of his special favorite themes, like the internal measurement indices of customer satisfaction. «Good Service to Customers is dead… Long Live Excellent Service» is one of Daffy’s famous sayings. He has been credited by other professionals with introducing a new language «with which he rouses us to achieve, winning our hearts and minds, as well as those of our customers.» Daffy believes that the reason why many organizations lag behind in customer service despite possessing the required ingredients for excelling in it is that the prevailing culture does not allow intelligent and enthusiastic staff to develop their talents and skills. Responding to Kathimerini through e-mail on Wednesday’s workshop, Daffy said he will be expanding on what it is that certain organizations – which have been recognized – do to provide world-class service. «I will show precisely what they focus on, how they apply their strategies and what they see as the obligations emerging from their success in future,» he said. However, he reserved judgment on the level of customer service in Greece. «I will need more time in Greece and to work with some organizations before I can comment on that.» The workshop, sponsored by Response, counts Kathimerini as a communications sponsor.