Shipping Report

TANKERS The Med. market remains quiet, with the fixture of Samir for 80,000-to cargoes Sidi Kerir – Mohammedia with loading dates 3-5 June at W/S 150, setting the tone for the market in the area. – The picture in the N. Sea is similar, with Baltic rates slipping to W/S 172.5 for the 100,000-ton cargoes out of Primorsk. Shell has on subs M/V «Krasnodar,» loading June 3-4 Primorsk, discharging UKC-Cont., at W/S 172.5. – Caribs is steadier, with some firmer fixtures. – Premcor for 70,000-ton cargo, loading May 31, discharging USAC, has fixed M/T «Genmar Progress» at W/S 215, while Stusco for same cargo, loading May 30, discharging US Gulf, has fixed M/T «Regent» at W/S 195. – Little activity in the most of Suezmax markets. – In W. Africa, with early tonnage building, rates are expected to move down from the last fixture of W/S 140 with destination USAC. – Trading in the Med. remains at about W/S 150. – VLCCs is at a quieter tone, with W. Africa / US Gulf run paying W/S 85 and with East destination at W/S 75. – In the Med., Tamoil for 80,000-ton cargo, loading May 29 Libya, discharging Med., has fixed M/T «Seaoath» at W/S 175. – In the Cont., Exxonmobil has fixed Lundqvist tonnage for 80,000-ton cargo, loading May 30 N. Sea, discharging UKC, at W/S 190, while Europet for 100,000-ton cargo, loading June 4 Baltic with same destination, has fixed M/T «Krasnodar» at W/S 175. – In W. Africa and on VLCCs, Conoco has fixed M/T «Astro Callisto» for 260,000-ton cargo, loading June 23, discharging US Gulf – EC Canada, at W/S 87.5 – W/S 92.5 respectively. – In Arabian Gulf, Unipec for 260,000-ton cargo, loading June 9, discharging China, has fixed M/T «Grand Explorer» at W/S 53.5. DRY CARGO Capesize rates in the East remain quiet, with levels barely in the upper USD 40,000 daily for the round voyages. – SK shipping has fixed M/V «Maria a. Angelicoussi,» 169,163 dwt, built 2001, delivery China end-May, for an Australian round-trip at USD 47,500 daily. – In the Atlantic, the ton coal cargo Richards Bay / Rotterdam runs now at USD 16.25, i.e. USD 1.75 drop in a week’s time. – On Panamaxes, rates have steadied in the East at about USD 20,000 daily for the rounds in the area, while in the Atlantic, the Cont./Baltic market still gives signs of stronger rates due to additionally inquiry and the shortage of fixtures in the area. – US Gulf / S. Africa areas remain quiet with strong competion from ballasters from the East. – On Capers, Bocimar has fixed M/V «York,» 149,513 dwt, built 1992, delivery China end-May, trip via S. Africa, redelivery Passero, at USD 31,000 daily. – On Panamax in Far East, Swiss Marine has fixed M/V «Mulberry Wilton,» 76,463 dwt, built 2004, delivery Malaysia June 3-7, trip via S. Africa, redelivery West of Gibraltar, at USD 18.75, daily option redelivery East of Gibraltar at USD 19,000 daily. – In Atlantic, Cargill has fixed M/V «Maritime Anita,» 76,737 dwt, built 2004, delivery Passero end-May, trip via EC S. America, redelivery UKC-Med., at USD 30,000 daily. – On smaller sizes, Korea Line has fixed M/V «Roberto C,» 45,210 dwt, built 1994, delivery May 25-30 China, for 4-6 months’ trading at USD 23,000 daily. – On coal cargoes, Liva for 150,000 tons, loading Brazil June 10-19, discharging Italy, has fixed M/V «Nord-Energy» at USD 16.50 per ton with 2 days’ load and 40,000 tons discharge.