Stocks back on the rise

Blue chips drove the Greek market back into positive ground, with the general index gaining 2.07 percent during the week and closing on Friday at 3,288.64 points. The upward course resumed following the previous week’s correction and ahead of the prime minister’s much-anticipated speech on the government’s economic policy this Friday at the opening of the Thessaloniki International Fair. Trading volume also rose, approaching 894.1 million euros, with the daily average standing at 178.82 million euros. The rise in blue chips was mirrored on the FTSE/ASE 20 index, which went up by 2.34 percent. The mid-cap and small-cap indices fared well, too, ending the week up by 1.42 percent and 1.02 percent, respectively. The FTSE/ASE 140 also moved upward, by 2.16 percent, reaching 3,859.4 points. Most sectoral indices had gains to show, led by oil refineries which improved by 7.21 percent. The real estate management and industrial indices closed the week 3.89 percent and 3.84 percent higher, respectively. The biggest loser was the IT equipment-solutions index, which fell by 3.46 percent. Basic metals and telecoms followed with -1.55 percent and -1.24 percent. CPI led individual stocks on the rise, gaining 32.26 percent last week, ahead of Selonda Aquaculture (23.81 percent) and Hi-tech Consultants (22.78 percent). On the other end Sex Form lost a third of its value over the week (-33.33 percent) while also going under supervision. Of the 346 stocks traded, 163 went up, 141 lost ground and 43 remained unchanged.