Small-caps outperform

The Athens Stock Exchange general index closed last Friday at 3,331.90 points, a decline of 21.94 points or 0.65 percent on the previous week’s close. Turnover fell to 1.04 billion euros, an average of 208.80 million euros per session, from 284.05 million the previous week. Three of four Financial Times indices lost ground, with the FTSE/ASE Mid-40 hit hardest: it dropped 0.81 percent to close at 2,904.25 points. The FTSE/ASE-20 index of blue chips declined 0.41 percent, closing at 1,852.84 points. By contrast, the FTSE/ASE Small Cap 80 gained 0.63 percent. The composite FTSE/ASE-140 index declined 0.42 percent to close at 3,915.12 points. Eleven of the 18 sectoral indices ended with losses last week. Top gainers were IT equipment and solutions (3.98 percent), textiles (3.46 percent) and wholesale commerce (2.90 percent).Top losers were insurance (3.90 percent), refineries (2.11 percent) and publishing and printing (1.45 percent). Among the 344 individual titles traded, 123 gained, 181 declined and 40 ended unchanged. The top gainers were the preferred shares (90) of passenger shipping firm ANEK (44.30 percent), Axon Holdings (25 percent) and construction company AEGEK (22.58 percent). Top losers were PC Systems (23.33 percent), Lanacam (21 percent) and Pouliadis (20 percent). OTE topped the list of the most heavily traded shares, with an average turnover of 33.50 million euros per session. It was trailed by OPAP (17.27 million), National Bank (16.56 million) and Alpha Bank (13.14 million).