Tourists appear happy with their Greek holidays

Tourists visiting Greece appear to be almost entirely satisfied with the country, according to a poll conducted by MRB for the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO). Some 97.2 percent of respondents expressed their satisfaction with their holidays in Greece while 98.9 percent said they would recommend the country as a holiday destination. A considerable 44.3 percent of those polled found everything satisfactory during their stay. The rest were not satisfied with areas such as the cost of food, accommodation and entertainment as well as road safety and taxis. The poll also showed that 52.7 percent of tourists considered their holidays «much» or «a little» better than expected, while some 77 percent said they would consider returning to Greece for holidays. Tourism Development Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos estimated that tourism has risen by 16 percent from 2004, according to GNTO bureaus abroad, adding that the first signs for 2006 show a further 10.35 percent rise. He then referred to data by the Institute for Tourism Research and Forecasts, showing revenues from tourism in 2005 will rise by 16 to 17 percent from 2004. But he explained that the data are just an indicator, as there is no official index for tourism traffic. He also said GNTO bureaus abroad are like small headquarters for tourism development. For example, the London bureau promotes Greece’s investment opportunities, Paris publicizes its cultural tourism and Frankfurt offers organized and group tourism in Greece.