Romanian biomass plan

BUDAPEST (SeeNews) – Romanian electricity supplier Energy Holding plans to build several plants around Bucharest to produce electricity from biomass in a move to increase its energy production. «We are very seriously looking at the possibility of biomass power generation using municipal waste,» Energy Holding’s vice president, Roy Maybud, told SeeNews on the sidelines of a Platts conference on Central and Eastern European Power Generation this week. He added that the company was in talks with a German group with links to the Technical University in Munich to provide the engineering, while most of the equipment should come from Romania. «We are looking at the area around Bucharest, since we would like to be able to benefit from the municipal waste there and especially the waste that comes from the capital’s hospitals,» Maybud said. He added that the company would likely build several small plants with total capacities of 20 megawatts to 25 megawatts instead of one big plant. «The smaller plants are such that the boilers which we would use operate at very high temperatures and there are negligible contagious fumes, which means those units can be built closer to the cities,» Maybud said. Biomass production, according to Maybud, is just one of the ways for Energy Holding to supply more electricity to its clients and maintain a sustainable source of energy. Energy Holding in October 2004 privatized five small hydropower plants on the Topolog River in southeastern Romania with total installed capacity is of 5950 kilowatts. «We are obviously looking into all aspects of the privatization area. That includes hydro and thermal power plants,» he said.