Wind park launched

Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas last weekend inaugurated the biggest single wind park installation in Greece, at Panachaikon Mountain, close to the city of Patras in the Peloponnese. «For this area, we received 93 applications for an electricity production license for total power of 1012 megawatts. There were 45 concerning 45 wind park units, 43 for small hydroelectric projects and one application for a biomass unit. Of these, 29 have been approved, with a total capacity of 189 MW,» said Sioufas. This wind park, one of the biggest in Europe and certainly the one with the greatest altitude in Greece, was completed within eight months and consists of 41 wind generators, each with a capacity of 35 MW. They has the capacity to produce 90,000 MW, which could supply 25,000 households with power, or more than half of the city of Patras. The project could also result in savings of 19,000 tons of oil per year, while the reduction in air pollutants is estimated at 68,154 tons of CO2 annually. Local authorities are expected to receive 150,000 euros, while the total investment reached 41 million euros. «The Greek climate and the legal framework are ideal for many such projects,» commented Esteban Morras, the chairman of Acciona Energia, the parent company of Aeoliki Panachaikou SA.