City University

Statistics from City University Career Center show that people with postgraduate studies are in a better position to get jobs and highly demanded by companies. Statistics indicators reveal that students who have completed a master’s degree, tend to enter the market six months earlier. During the realization of a master’s degree, applicants learn an array of transferable skills, including critical thinking, planning, data collection and analysis, analytical ability, verbal and written communication. According to City University’s research there are various reasons why someone should undertake postgraduate studies: – Interest for the subject in question – Further development of knowledge and skills – Provision of a distinct advantage to the applicant – Allowance to the applicant to stand out from the crowd and enhance their job prospects – Combination of the bachelor’s degree with a different subject area The best time to undertake postgraduate study will depend on the applicant’s circumstances and goals. While studying at City University the applicant has the possibility to undertake further studies on a full-time or part-time basis and, increasingly, through distance learning. Moreover, City University has created and initiated a program tailor made for those who wish to join the army and continue their studies at the same time (Military Program). This program is unique, is based on each individual’s needs and objectives, and is self-directed.